SPAN 2001 Augusta State University Study Abroad in Venezuela PPT

Final Project for SPAN 2001

The final project is designed to let you showcase what you’ve learned over the course, in terms of grammar structures, vocabulary, cultural information and making connections to your own world. The topic is centered on developing an advertisement for a study abroad program to a Spanish-speaking country.

You will present your ideas using a narrated PowerPoint.

*Note: Tips on delivering your PowerPoint presentation are attached to help you structure your Final Project. Additional instructions to record/add audio to PowerPoint are also attached below.

Follow these steps in formulating your ideas and formatting your presentation.

1.Brainstorming – choose a country that interests you & begin researching your country online. You should familiarize yourself with general information and make sure to save all webpage URLs for proper citation at the end of your presentation. Make sure you research websites in Spanish for the best and most authentic information about Spanish-speaking countries.

2.Why would this country make a great study abroad option? Answer this question, in Spanish, with well-formulated sentences based on your research. A bullet-point format helps organize your thoughts. You should practice this bit many times. The total recorded time should target between 5-6 minutes. Use the following questions to help develop your presentation:

oDónde está el país? ¿Tiene una geografía interesante? ¿Hay montañas o playas?

o¿Cómo es la economía de la ciudad donde vas a estudiar?

o¿Existe tecnología para ayudar a los estudiantes extranjeros, como Internet cafés u otros sitios donde puedes llamar a tus padres?

o¿Existen muchas escuelas de idiomas en la ciudad?

o¿Es importante que los estudiantes traigan mucho dinero? ¿Es buena idea que una persona estudie sobre la cultura antes de salir?

3.Think of 4 commands that you would give a person leaving to study abroad in the country of your choice.

4.Describe a normal day in the routine of a student who will study abroad with your program. Use reflexive verbs and verbs like gustar to describe a normal day.

5.Search for visual images that would complement your ideas and gather them together, organize them according to the presentation of your information. Use the following questions to help identify good images:

oDo you have a map of the country that you can print out?

oCan you find a picture of the geography of the country?

oDo you have any images of schools already established?

6.Do you have a title frame (slide) and concluding frame (slide) that introduces your presentation and then provides proper citation of your sources? These are required portions of the presentation.

Presentation Standards

The presentation will be delivered in a narrated PowerPoint. You are required to make sure that your presentation at a minimum does the following:

odisplays your speaking skills in Spanish by delivering at least 5-7 minutes of talking points

ofollows a logical outline that highlights the information you’ve researched

opresents appropriate and interesting visual images that substantiate your country choice

oprovides appropriate citation of all sources.

These elements, again, are the minimum requirements for an average grade (73-77, C). The more advanced your presentation, the higher the grade. Adding music and information to your presentation are ways to increase your grade. In all cases, be in close contact with your instructor for precise and specific guidelines for your specific course.


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