Staffing Strategy Training and Development Plan

Scenario<br />
Hiring decisions are more complex today than ever before. Not only is the cost to hire an employee expensive,
 but so is the cost of training and development. A local IT company has found the training of employees
 considerably challenging and costly over the last few years and wants to develop a plan to make training 
and development of employees more efficient and effective.<br />
As the Talent Manager at a local IT company, you have been asked to develop a plan for training and development
 that addresses the cost to hire, train, and recruit new talent, as well as the organization’s recruitment, 
selection, and retention initiatives.<br />
<br />
Instructions: (review the attached guidance on the layout and additional information to add to the essay).<br />
APA format with 10 Scholarly citations<br />
Design a training and development plan that:<br />
Examines the impact of driving forces on recruitment, selection, and retention practices.<br />
Proposes initiatives for recruitment, selection, and retention within the framework of fairness and legal
 principles.<br />
Prioritizes the initiatives based upon cost, for future development of a workforce plan.<br />
Summarizes sourcing strategies for alignment to proposed initiatives.<br />
Describes the alignment of organizational strategies to the core competency model.<br />
Discusses a plan for communicating initiatives to build long-term partnerships with key stakeholders.<br />
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the training and development plan.<br />
Competency<br />
Analyze the driving forces influencing staffing and retention.<br />
Evaluate the legal landscape impacting recruiting and selection.<br />
Develop a core competency model.<br />
Develop sourcing strategies to recruit internal and external talent.<br />
Create a workforce plan to achieve effective staffing and retention.<br />
Communicate the business case for staffing, selection, and retention practices.


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