Steganography Lab

Assignment – Steganography Lab

Answer these questions in lab format. Use the resources in the Engage shell to help you. Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to collaborate with your classmates on how you arrived at your answers.

  1. What does this say? Look closely.

    “He never really wanted to go to school. Every time he tried to focus on his homework, he would get distracted. Luckily his mother kept him on task, and he was able to avoid a failing grade. Lucy was a kind, caring mother and he knew she just wanted what was best for him. Only when he felt he could stand no more of her nagging would he tell her to leave him be.”

  2. An actual WWII Nazi spy message read: “Apparently neutral’s protest is thoroughly discounted and ignored. Isman hard hit. Blockade issue affects pretext for 11embargo on byproducts, ejecting suets and vegetable oils.” The secret message is “Pershing sails from NY June 1”. Analyze the original message. How did this work?
  3. Create a subset cipher to send a secret message. Explain how it works. As a hint, you can find an example of a subset cipher below.
  4. What does the following message say? Look closely. What technique was used?

  5. Research null ciphers. Create a null cipher and explain how it works.
  6. You can hide information in tweets. Review the information at the following link:

    Try it out at the following link:

    Provide your results.


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