Strategy and Key Performance Indicators

Strategy: What does the company need to do to change direction? A. Devise an informed basic strategy to move the organization in a new direction based on the environmental analysis. 

B. Identify the key players in implementing the strategy (marketing, operations, accounting, sales, HR, etc.) and describe how it affects them. 
C. Develop a basic (high-level) plan to improve organizational performance. 1. Define goals for profitability based on specifics from analyses. 2. Explain in detail how the goals are in alignment with the company mission/vision and values. D. Describe in detail how this plan affects the organization’s departments (marketing, operations, HR functions, etc.).
 Key Performance Indicators: What does success look like? A. Determine the specific KPIs you will use to effectively measure the success of the strategy and explain how/why these KPIs align with the identified strategy and with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. B. Identify at least one KPI for each profitability goal identified previously. 


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