StrengthsFinder Reflection Paper

The purpose/objective of this assignment is to show that you are able to demonstrate ethics that gain trust, inspire others to greatness, and fulfill the duty of care for followers. To do this, use your StrengthFinder results, and supplemental information from the Clifton text, to evaluate, describe, and articulate your current strengths.  

Students will take the StrengthsFinder test using the code found in their Strengths textbook. Based on the results of their tests they will write a reflection addressing the following: describing each of their top five (5) identified strengths, reflecting on insights of the assessment, and providing a concrete example of how they have seen each strength manifested in their behavior or actions and what change might be expected. Also, be sure to include the actual results of the StrengthsFinder assessment as a separate attachment.

Your focus should be on the following information:

  1. Describe your top five signature themes
  2. Describe the key talents often found within that theme that fit you
  3. Evaluate challenges or misperceptions associated with your talents
  4. Assess what makes your talents valuable
(The PDF of the 5 strengths identified will be attached) 


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