summary response paper

Prompt: Summary-Response Paper

ENGL 101 16 week

SP 2022



Write a short summary-response paper:

      Drawing from a course reading of your choice

o   Shoba Narayans The God of Small Feasts or

o   Lily Wongs Eating the Hyphen   

      For an audience of classroom peers

      Four paragraphs

o   one summary paragraph, following tips at Mini-lesson: Reading and Summarizing   

o   three response paragraphs

  demonstrating understanding of Mini-lesson: Circles of Engagement

  following the AXES method of development

      Total 600+ words (about 2 full pages)

      MLA format with Works Cited  

      Ideas and structure revised and follow this assignment prompt

      Language is well-edited standard English

      Both drafts (rough and polished) submitted on time


Important Note: Successful responses to this assignment will follow these instructions and not 5-paragraph essay formula.



The purpose of writing summary is to demonstrate your reading and writing skills:

o   in an accurate, concise summary;

o   showing understanding of the texts main idea; 

o   with main idea sorted from minor details; 

o   that is paraphrased accurately;

o   that does not quote or copy text;

o   does remains objective;

o   is written so the audience understands


Solid understanding of a text, shown in your clear prose, boosts your ethosyour credibilityas a writer and keeps both your readers attention and interest in reading beyond that summary. 


The purpose of writing response is to:

o   give practice engaging with the text at a deeper level;

o   connect its main idea with multiple outside ideas (another text, the self, the outside world);

o   offer interpretation of the text and reflect on meaning;

o   strengthen your sense of knowledge ownership.


You will need all of these important skills as we move to larger, more complex assignments this semester, including the research paper.


Summary Paragraph

  • Refer to Mini-lesson: Reading and Summarizing.  


Response Paragraphs

  • Refer to Mini-lesson: Circles of Engagement.  

  • Refer to AXES Method of Paragraph Development



Complete your Rough Draft in time to put it away for a day or so before submission.

Come back to look at it again with fresh eyesto see again, to re-vision.

Save-as a new version: Polished Draft and start revising:

o   Re-read this assignment prompt: Does your draft meet requirements and goals?

o   Is the summary concise and accurate?

o   Do the response paragraphs follow the AXES method?

o   Did you locate the best pieces of evidence to support your points?   



The last step before uploading will be to work on language and formatting. Proofread to find mistakes and edit to fix them.

o   Check MLA for correctness. Use the handy link in the Goals box above.

o   Did you remember the Works Cited? Use the handy link in the Goals box above.

o   Read through for sentence-level skills such as grammar, spelling, syntax, and sentence clarity.

o   How is your punctuation? Do you have run-on sentences?

o   Have you correctly spelled the authors name, and used only their last name after the first use of their full name? Is the essays title correctly punctuated as above in the Goals box?


Do line edits, save, and upload your sparkling prosewith the rough draft!


  • After you go through the entire module and ask questions you have about it, and the Summary-Response Paper (Links to an external site.) prompt itself, please do the following:
      • Start a new document for your Summary-Response Rough Draft. 
      • Save-as “Summary-Response Rough Draft.”
      • Write the paper. I anticipate this will take several work sessions over several days to do well. 
      • Put the draft away for a day, as the prompt instructs. 
      • Return to the draft and Save-as “Summary-Response Polished Draft.”
      • You now should have TWO drafts. Keep the Rough Draft as-is. Now work on the Polished Draft. 
      • Revise, per prompt instructions, demonstrating you understand that revising means making big moves such as changing ideas, moving sentences, adding more explanation, and taking out unnecessary detail. 
      • Then proofread and edit, fixing smaller-order concerns such as language, grammar, and for the response paragraphs, any quotes and in-text citations. 
      • Upload both. 

You’re done! 🙂


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