Supreme Court

Note:  Paper must be at least 6 pages.  Anwer for each question should be at least 2 pages.  Double spaced.  Use MLA format.  Provide a list of cited references  Example for citing within essay.
Write an essay that responds to the following quote from Chief Justice John Roberts.
He stated, “We do not speak for the people, but we speak for the Constitution. Our role is clear.”
Organize your essay into three paragraphs double spaced of at least 2 pages each. Cite your sources.
Paragraph 1 – Explain the role of the Supreme Court in the US system of government.
Paragraph 2 – Craft a persuasive and supported argument for whether or not the US Supreme Court is independent of politics and public opinion.
Paragraph 3 – Describe a specific Supreme Court case decision and the majority opinion and explain how it supports your argument.
Sources:   Chapter 14 The Courts
                 U. S. Constitution
                U. S. Supreme Court Rulings
 You can use other sources
Submit your essay using Word or PDF.  If you don’t have word, here is the link to free software.
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