SYS 210 Arab Open University Managing Technology and Innovation Questions

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Question 01

Explain SWOT Analysis

Question 02

Explain Porter Five Forces Model

Question 03

Define Enterprise Resource Planning

Question 04

Explain Customer Relationship Management

Question 05

Read through the attached case study “Barclays Bank: PEST, SWOT and Five Forces Analysis”. As you read through the case, and based on what you learned in SYS210: Business Driven Technology, tackle the following questions and attempt to answer them using an essay format of no more than 1500 words:

  • Explain why competitive advantages are temporary along with the four key areas of a SWOT analysis and discuss the SWOT of Barclays Bank (500 words)
  • What is the relationship between a business strategy and stakeholders and Who are the top three most important stakeholders as explained in the case of the bank (500 words)
  • Assess whether using PEST, SWOT or Five Forces Analysis is more effective in the case of Barclays Bank Justify your answer (500 words)


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