System outlook

Examine and research 1 chronic disease (e.g. heart disease, 
stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity) and write a paper 
that discusses the following: 
A comparison of 2 health care policies that are in place 
(either at the state or federal level) that address the 
The impact the disease has had on the U.S. population 
and health care system as a whole 
Strategies that are in place to educate and promote 
prevention of the disease through public health at the 
federal and state levels 
Any challenges and progress to date that has been 
made in preventing and reducing health risks 
associated with the disease 
2-3 strategies that may increase awareness, education, 
and prevention of that disease 
Write a paper of 5-6 pages, not including title page and 
reference page. 
Note: Use APA style and cite at least 4 scholarly references 
published within the last 5 years. 


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