Testing and evaluation

Answer the following questions based on your reading. Your written responses should be at least 400 
words total (note the minimum for each question as well). Number your responses, but do not restate 
the question. Provide a list of outside resources that you used to help you complete the assignment, 
but do not include that list in the word count. Each question is worth 12 points, and you should bring a 
copy of your answers and your external sources to class to facilitate discussion.
I highly recommend you use all of the spelling and grammar checkers that are available in MS Word. 
Even better, consider purchasing ProWritingAid and using it across all of your courses. I love it so 
much that I purchased the lifetime membership. You can get a discount here: 
https://www.studentappcentre.com/App/ProWritingAid. Remember that you are responsible for high-
quality writing on your assignments for this course and you will be graded on your ability to write well.
1. (50 words minimum) What are the main points of the content for this assignment? Focus on 
concepts, ideas, and themes, but also consider individual facts that were interesting to you. Make 
sure you address all the available content, including the textbook, lecture video, individual research 
papers/reviews, podcasts, interviews, etc. A bulleted list is acceptable, but make sure it is 
grammatically correct.
2. (150 words minimum) Answer one or more of the following, and be prepared to bring it up and 
discuss it in class.
a. Was anything unclear or confusing to you?
b. What was new to you, and how did it change the way you think about or perceive things? 
c. What would you would like to explore further or find out more about as we discuss items in 
3. (150 words minimum) Describe at least one direct connection between the reading or interview and 
current topics from outside class (news stories you’ve seen, current research, etc.). You should 
actively look up items and be prepared to discuss them in class.
Alternatively, give at least one specific example of an aspect or experience in your personal life that is 
directly related to the reading or interview. This could be a course you’ve had, personal experience 
with military or first responders, or something similar that you are prepared to discuss in class. Make 
sure this example is directly related to military or first responders


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