Texas Government 2306

Texas News Analysis Activity: Voting

Texas News Analysis Activity

Source: CBS News

Title: Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs new GOP voting restrictions into law

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/texas-voting-law-restrictions-signed-governor-abbott/ (Links to an external site.)

Article summary: Governor Greg Abbott signed SB1, the elections overhaul bill, into law. The law places restrictions on many policies implemented during the pandemic. The bill bans drive-thru voting, changes early voting hours, puts new ID requirements into place for mail voting applications and returning mail ballots, bans public officials from sending unsolicited absentee ballot applications, and provides protections for poll watchers, among other reforms. This bill was strongly opposed by Democrats, who staged two walkouts and placed legislative business on hold.

In your post:
1. Which of these provisions of the new election law expand voting access in Texas and which restrict voting access in Texas?

a. Counties with at least 55,000 people are required to hold at least six hours of early voting on the final Sunday of the early voting period. Expand or Restrict?

b. No voter may cast a vote from inside a motor vehicle unless they meet certain requirements for curbside voting. Expand or Restrict?

c. Early voting hours can begin no earlier than 6 A.M. and be no later than 10 P.M. Expand or Restrict?

2. What percentage of Harris County (Houston) voters that took advantage of late-night voting hours during the pandemic were Black, Hispanic, or Asian?

30 percent
56 percent
90 percent

3. Identify and explain the constitutional amendments on the ballot from November using the Texas Secretary of State website (Links to an external site.). Make sure to select the November 2, 2022 election. Are they written in a way the average voter could understand? Yes or No and at least 1 reason why.

4. Chapters 2 and 4 of Governing Texas present data on voter turnout in Texas constitutional, gubernatorial, and presidential elections.

Using the Texas Secretary of State website (Links to an external site.), compare the voter turnout rates for registered voters during recent 1) constitutional, 2) gubernatorial, and 3) presidential elections.

a. In Texas, is turnout generally high or low among registered voters?

b. Is there a large difference in voter turnout across these different types (state and federal) of elections?

c. Explain 2 ways that the rules for voting may correlate with turnout among different demographic groups of Texans.

d. Provide a reason why this is important to political equality and governing in a republic based on popularly elected representation


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