The Anthropology of Manners

 I just need a summary.

“The Anthropology of Manners”
Task: Write a 150- to 200-word summary of “The Anthropology of Manners.” For guidelines on writing a summary, see the attached “Guidelines for Writing a Summary” below or pages 63-64 in Rules for Writers, 10th edRemember, a summary is objective and neutral in tone and should not include a personal response to the reading.
In order to get full credit for the assignment, you are required to submit
1. the three-detail outline we did in class
2. at least one rough draft
3. the final draft
The summary should be typed. Please use a type size that is at least 12 points, select a standard font such as Times New Roman, double‑space, and leave a one‑inch margin on each side of the page. For information on formatting an essay in MLA style, refer to pages 446-48 in Rules for Writers, 10th ed.
Audience: peers, instructor
• To be able to summarize the central idea of an article in a thesis statement.
• To practice reading an article to elicit the main ideas.
• To practice restating the main ideas of an article in a summary.
Evaluative Criteria:
• Does the thesis of the summary recapitulate the central idea of the article?
• Are the other main ideas represented in the summary?
• Does the summary show evidence of a careful reading of the article?
• Does the summary use transitions effectively? (See p. 27 in RW)
• Is the summary free from major errors in mechanics and sentence structure?


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