The cartographers

Essay 1Purpose of the assignment: In this assignment, you will be asked to practice the following: criticalthinking and writing skills, analyzing a text, using literary terminology, and communicating an ideaclearly and fully.Purpose of the paper: Create a theme statement for the short story The Cartographers Pages 22-35  Supportyour theme in an essay of at least 5 paragraphs. The only source material permitted for this essay isthe short story itself.Basic Guidelines: Your essay must have a clear, argumentative thesis statement in the introduction. This will be astatement of theme. The body of the essay needs to develop and support the claim you articulate in your thesis. The closing portion of your essay needs to do more than merely restate the key ideas youvediscussed in the body of your text.Rhetorical Situation: Purpose: To make a claim about an authors work. Mode: Evaluative/Analytical Evidence: Quotes from the text; no additional sources allowed Voice: FormalSpecial Constraints: Incorporate a thesis statement 500 words; five paragraphs minimum A Works Cited page (does not count as part of the page length requirement) Final draft should be submitted in MLA


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