The case of Stan session 3

 After viewing this session, address any (or all) of the questions below.  The only exception is question #11. It is a required question. Please make sure you address this in one of your posts. Our goal is to get a discussion going about how we individually and collectively might think about the session and what we would change. Don’t worry about being profound. Just have an opinion and dive in to the discussion. Feel free to disagree with each other, but please do it respectfully. 

1. What therapeutic value, if any, do you see in asking clients to report early recollections? 

2. When Stan reports the early recollection about the kittens, he becomes sad and tears up. If you were counseling him, what intervention might you make at this point? 

3. With respect to the events surrounding the early memory about the kittens, Stan claimed that he felt helpless and powerless. Can you speculate how these feelings might be a theme in Stan’s life today? 

4. If you were the client, what do you imagine it would be like for you to report your own early recollections? 

5. In discussing his reactions to his early memories, Stan sees a theme of being stupid. Do you have ideas of how you might work with him on his feeling of being stupid in so many areas of his life? 

6. What is the relationship of early memories to basic mistakes? 

7. In this session, Stan said, “I’ll never quite get it right.” What kind of intervention might you make? 

8. What have you learned about working with emotion as it relates to timing and the therapeutic process in this session? 

9. If you were to work within the Adlerian framework as a therapist, how would this be for you? 

10. Can you identify with Stan in any ways in this session? If so, how?

11. As A Christian therapist, what might be some issues/interventions/approaches you might consider in this particular sessIon with Sam?


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