The Change Management Capstone Project. The need for education about alcohol and drug addiction in nursing

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you the opportunity to explore various research methods related to change management within your workplace. The Change Management Capstone Project is a framework that describes a series of 4-steps that encompasses the action research process and follows the Nursing Process. 
Step 1: Diagnose & Analyze the Issue
Step 2: Research Potential Solutions
Step 3: Develop an Action Plan
Step 4: Evaluation. 
The Change Management Capstone Project should be based on your place of employment. You should assess your place of employment and identify an area that needs improvement or look for an opportunity to impart change to help improve unit function (this was done earlier in the semester). You will finalize the Change Management Capstone Project in the NURS 4457 Leadership & Management course in your final semester. Please note, you will not be expected or permitted to implement this project. For this assignment, you will complete Step 1: Diagnose & Analyze the Issue. Use the qualitative research/clinical questions you created earlier in the semester while developing this assignment. Furthermore, give a description of the background of the issue you selected. 
Answer key questions such as: 
a) What is the issue or opportunity at hand? 
b) What information do I need in order to comprehend the issue? 
c) How does the issue affect organizational structure (e.g., political, economic, social, ethical considerations)? 
d) Who needs to be involved on the exploration team? 
e) How will you select team members and why? 
Please include graphics (circle graph, bar graph, histogram, line graph, etc.) to help explain the project focus. You will also need to create a  PICOT Worksheet  for each of the references used in this assignment. Please write a five-page paper (excluding cover sheet and references), using APA citation and at least three references. The  PICOT Worksheet  will not be included in the page count; they should be included as an appendix at the end of your paper. 


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