The effect of Ageism

  1. For this assignment, your will:

    • Discuss ageism you have seen in your own family, in your community, in the media, in your travels, and/or in your workplace.
    • Discuss some of the issues and concerns of a grandparent raising a grandchild. What steps, if any, can a healthcare professional take to support them?

    You will write pages (not including cover page and references. No abstract) APA formatted paper with the following criteria.

    The paper must contain the following criteria:

    • The cover page must include the following:
      • Title of the paper
      • The students name
      • Course number and name
      • Instructors name
      • Date submitted
    • The assignment must have a minimum of two references.
    • All references must be cited within the text and all in-text citations must have a reference.
    • The paper must be written in APA format using either the 7th edition. Templates are provided in the course announcements.
    • The paper must have an introduction and a conclusion.
    • The paper must have a separate references page formatted in APA style.
    • The paper must be a minimum of three double-spaced pages, which does not include the cover and reference pages.
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