the Enlightenment

250 words.  You also must cite anything not your own, even paraphrased material.  

For this topic, you are creating your view of the Enlightenment

You need three rich and robust examples of what the enlightenment did (and still does).  You need to craft an argument, and you need to do more than summarize.  Make sure you are telling a story about what you see as three valuable moments.   Here, we are looking to start a dialogue.  I will jump into the forums to drive the material into more in-depth connections, but at this point, you are creating the narrative.  

Discuss three key advances of the enlightenment:

Discuss three changes of enlightenment thought

Discuss reasons for change (political and social) during the enlightenment.

Will be able to connect advances in enlightenment thought to effects of exploration.

Will be able to identify continual trends of the enlightenment in current society.


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