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First Paper is attached, Please see notes and identify Questions before attempting to start Term-2

TERM PAPERPART 2: Statistics in Quantitative MethodsDue at the end of week 11 (Sunday midnight)


The purpose ofthe assignment is to develop skills associated with selecting and applyingmethods for data collection, stationary and time series data analysis and hypothesistesting.


Data collection

For section two,you will need to collect data connected to your objective and researchquestion. For this section you cancollect either primary data or secondary data.At this stage, you should think about the following items:


1.      What data do you plan to acquire toanswer your research question? Why? What kinds of instruments, variables, materials, or sources will you use (i.e.will you use observations, surveys, interviews, case studies, focus groups, experiments, documents, media, data base searches, etc.)? If you plan to usemixed methods, will they be sequential, concurrent ortransformative? Why?

2.      List the kinds of data/informationthat you plan to collect (e.g. testimonials, statistics, business/government reports, other research data, audio/video recordings, etc.). Also, considertwo or three alternative ways youcould gather data/information forthis research.

3.      If you plan to use researchparticipants, where will they come from? How will they be sampled? How many participants will you require?If you are not using research participants, who will you use as the targetaudience of your data? Who would most benefit from yourresearch, and why?

4.       Business researchtopics relate to eventsthat develop in time.

      Explain how you wouldacquire a snapshotof data relevantto your research question. Withinthe snapshot, the data becomeeffectively stationary.

      Consider the evolution of data with time. How would you acquire the time series data relevant to your research question?



Once you have collected your data, you will need to writea report that presents your research design and results. This section shouldinclude the following sections:



Research Design:

The research design shouldinclude the following material:

a.     Unit of analysis

b.     Sampling approach and the rationale for selected sample approach

c.     The limitations to the study in term of samplingapproach

d.     Your data collection and the rationale for selecteddata collection approach

e.     Ethical consideration. What ethical issues will yourresearch project present? What biases might you bring to the researchand how will you addressthat bias? When you discussthe ethical section, pleaseinclude relevant material from the TCPS certificate (*** this is a requirement***)


**If you collectsecondary data, then you must explain the approach they took to collect thedata and its limitation, beforeyour analysis***

***If you collectprimary data, you must explain the approach you took to collect the data and itlimitations before your analysis***


a.     In the resultsection, you will presentand analysis your data.

b.    Did you find answers to your researchquestions presented in the problemstatement part of the project?

c.     You can use graphsor charts to present your data

d.    Present descriptive statistics, boxplot, or percentage




a.     This would be a finalsummary of the study and any additional questions for future studies.

b.    Provide recommendations

c.     Future studies if any




This sectioncan include any additional material that was notincluded in the main report (If you use primary sources, please attach thedata collection instrument used in the project).


Submission Note: Pleaseinclude the first part of the project with theresearch part.

Data collection approaches:


To collect primary data, you can use the followingapproaches:

A.     Survey (open-ended and closed-ended questions)

B.     Focus group

C.    Interviews


To collectsecondary data, you can use the following sources:

A.    Databases (i.e., Statistics Canada data, Worldbank data to just name a few)

B.     Case studies

C.     Any otherdata that other researchers have used in their studies.


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