Theatre Review

  1. Write a review/response to a theatrical production your paper should
    • Be 500-750 words long
    • Must be a LIVE theatrical show (can be streamed online)
    • Include the name of the production and where it was performed or wher you saw it.
    • Also include a brief, no more than one paragraph, summary of the plot
    • include specific details of this particular production.
    • the body of the review should discuss what worked for you in the show and what didn’t work and explain why.  When referencing characters, you should identify the actor who played the role and be sure to differentiate between actor choices and character choices.  You can discuss the impact of the all aspects of the production, such as set, costumes, lighting, and direction. Be sure to have a concluding Paragraph
    • Attach the link to the website where the live production was performed 


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