Theories of Personality

Using Kelly’s theory of constructs and corollaries, you are to design your own Role Construct Repertory TEST (REP), found in the text.  This test is linked to Kelly’s Dichotomy Corollary. 

1.You are to compare yourself to another person in your family using the following constructs:
(A)  How are you alike or not alike in your overall personality in relation to the family member?  Why or why not?
(B)  What is your favorite activity to do compared to the other family member?  Is this the same or different?  Why or why not?
(C) What is a “value” or “ideal” you live by that is SIMILAR and a “value” or “ideal” that is DISSIMILAR with the other family member? Why or why not?

For example:
You are similar to the other person or dissimilar?   

Less Similar 1  2  3  4  5  More Similar
Give a score for each of the above and compare yourself with the other family member.


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