Theories of Personality

Please write a 3-page essay discussing the same literary character you wrote about in the previous essay.  This essay will focus on the psychosocial development of personality from a personal construct perspective, specifically using Kelly’s personstruct corollaries.
Please format your paper in the following template, answering the following questions, and using the following sub-headings:
Introduction: this section should be a few paragraphs about your chosen character. Please discuss your chosen character’s name, age, gender, occupation, general personality traits and characteristics that stand out to you, and any other details that seem relevant.  You are welcome to copy/paste what you wrote for the previous paper, and you are also welcome to add more details that may be relevant to this essay.
Personal Construct Theory: this section should be the longest section of the paper, describing two of Kelly’s personal construct corollaries and then applying them to your chosen character.  You may select any two of the eleven corollaries from Kelly’s personal construct theory.  First, you should provide an overview of a selected corollary.  Describe its basic tenats and how it explains personality development.  Then use your chosen character as an example, and apply the corollary to your character.  For example, you might discuss how the construction corollary explains Bob Wiley’s ( What About Bob?) obsessive-compulsive personality tendencies. You would provide examples and details for this corollary related to Bob.  Then discuss a second corollary of the personal construct theory and apply it to your chosen character.
Conclusion: this section should be one paragraph summarizing and wrapping up your paper.
Your essay should be 3 pages of text, plus a title page and reference page.  Your paper should be in proper APA format (if you are unsure of APA formatting, please reference the materials provided in the Week 0 learning activity).  Your essay should include at least 3 citations from the Schultz & Schultz (2017) text, which should be listed in proper APA format.  You are welcome to use additional published journal articles if you choose.  Websites are not considered valid references in academic work.  A great place to find peer-reviewed journal articles is the Social Sciences Full Text database provided through the CBU library website: 

(CL 6)


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