Theories of society

Essay– Select ONE of the following questions and describe in full detail how Marx, Weber, and Durkheim would address these issues. Obviously not all theorists will have an equal fit with a given topic but you should explain why or why not by clearly communicating the basics of each theory:


Making sure to touch on all parts of the question and provide examples to support your conclusions from notes, PowerPoints, lectures and texts. Cite anything that is not your original thought/information/data (40 pts).


This should read closer to a traditional paper than an in-class exam!



1) What is the nature of crime? How do we define crime and who defines it? Who commits it and why? Is there a relationship between crime and deviance? And how would each of the three key sociological theorists see the nature or definition of crime and its relative occurrence in society?




2) What is the nature of capitalism? How did capitalism develop? What is the future of capitalism? What is capitalism’s function in society? Is there a relationship between religion, the economy, and capitalism? And how would each of the three key sociological theorists debate these questions?


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