There Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God Midterm Paper 
Length: At least 3 (Full) Pages
Please select one of the topics below to expand on for your midterm paper. You must also use at 
least two (2) academic sources (cannot include the book or movie) for this response paper. 
Janie goes through three marriages over the course of the book. Pick two of those 
marriages and discuss how Janies feelings about marriage and/or love change.
Janie is mixed and meets a dark-skinned Black woman, Mrs. Turner, who tries to 
befriend her just because she is light-skinned. What was Tea Cakes reaction and discuss 
how his reaction can be seen as a larger problem of colorism amongst Black people?
Zora Neale Hurston wrote this novel using African American Vernacular English 
(AAVE). Why is that such an important factor in making her characters feel like real 
Why was it important that Janie kill Tea Cake and not put him in the hospital?
Compare and contrast the Janie we meet as a teen who is forced to marry an old man to 
Janie who returns to her home in Eatonville after killing her last husband.
Why does violence play such a role in Janies life, physical, emotional, and 
Gossip is such a big part of some of Janies decisions. What moment of gossip do you 
think had the biggest effect on Janie, and what was her response? 
Do you think Janie can be a good role model for women? Why or Why not?
When Janie returns to Eatonville, the men comment on her body, and the women 
comment on her clothes and demeanor. What does this reveal about gender relations both
in the book and in life?
Janies grandmother, Nanny, basically forces her to marry for security. How does the rest
of Janies life prove that true or false?
Janie doesnt want to do the hard work in her first marriage, but she gladly does it in her 
last marriage. What brings that change?
You should type this paper in MLA Format: 1in margins, Times New Roman, 12pt. font, and 
You will turn in an online copy to a Dropbox on the class D2L/GAView page on or by the due 
date. (NOTE: DO NOT USE PAGES!! Using a Google Doc may be possible, but Word 
Documents are the best!)
Feel free to visit the Writing Center (or TOD link) for any extra help and/or email me with any 
questions you may have about the assignment.


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