Thought Paper

Write About Your Experience
Turn in a social psychological analysis of what the day was like. Here are some sample questions you might address:
    How did you define social justice, and what did you focus your efforts on?
    If your behaviour was different than normal, which person did you like more: the “Day of Social Justice you” or the “normal you”? If you prefer the “Day of Social Justice You,” what are the psychological factors that prevent this “You” from coming out?
    What are the psychological costs and benefits of reducing segregation on campus? In your view, do the benefits outweigh the costs?
    How did others respond to you? Do you think they noticed a difference in your behaviour? What attributions did people make for your behaviour, and why?
    If you wanted to encourage others to behave as you did during the Day of Social Justice, what psychological techniques would you use? How can social psychology be used to foster a more just society?
    If you were to predict your behaviour one month from now, do you think it will be changed in any way as a result of participating in the Day of Social Justice? If so, how? If not,


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