topic: socio-economic impact of covid-19 in India.

write an expos. I dont know if you know what it is because most ppl dont know. It should be 5 pages.

topic: socio-economic impact of covid-19 in India.

public health, food system, and job losses mus be included particularly public health and food system.

I can send you some articles

On 25.02.22

Introduction (two pages)
” (Opening of the field: reconstruction of the
context/ relevance; statement of a problem, formulation of a
clear research question and hypothesis,
Suggested methodology (theoretical concept, research
> Table of contents/detailed structure of the paper
(one page)
> Bibliography/Reference List (two pages)

The texts in the parenthesis are so important

I would like to ask you to do it according to my professor structure

In introduction, the statement of the problem and research question and hypothesis are so important. And should be in 2 pages. 🙂

My research question that I said to my professor is:

What are the socio-economic impacts of covid-19 in India? ( which you need in the introduction part)

4 sources, Harvard referencing


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