Trade and Globalization

A student will be required to write a 5-8 pages paper book review from the book Trade and Globalization and incorporate a trade agreement from around the world that the U.S. is party to. The student will be required to see if the trade agreement that they chose is a good one for the U.S. and they will use the chapters to consider, Ethics, Intellectual property, trade terms, Labor, Tarriffs, Quotas etc. to see if the U.S. is getting the most of the actual trade agreement. If the U.S. is not getting all they can from the agreement then the student must identify areas where the U.S. can do better or to improve their position. The student will also consider the paper format which will include: Introduction, Trade agreement, US position on the areas from the book they chose to analyze, the analysis, and recommendations and conclusion to round out the paper.


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