UMD A Funeral Is a Service that Is Held After a Person Dies Questions

I need 250-300 words on EACH of the meaning of these different words

1. 250-300 words on the word Legacy and what it means to leave your legacy in today’s society, talk about this from the perspective of a college student at the University of Delaware and how due to Coronavirus it is a huge change of school life for everyone. How I want to leave my legacy on this school because I want to have great social life etc, must be 250-300 words BE DESCRIPTIVE

2. 250-300 words on the word funerals and how painful they are to sit through losing a loved one especially because of that special connection you have with them

3. 250-300 words on the word suicide and how it impacts our country every year and how the pandemic has impacted our mental health.

4. 250-300 on the word character and specifically integrate this quote “Character is who you are when no one else is watching” – John Wooden

5. 250-300 words on the word community and what it means to be in a community of people and how giving back is more important than receiving (charity etc)

Finally there is one last part you must write a 500 justification essay on the following picture:

I customized this picture on Canva, you must explain why this theme picks the Mark Twain quote that I have chosen, talk about the emotions behind the quote and the importance of the backdrop, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask


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