University Canada West Triple Bottom Line at Leesa Discussion

Read the following article (can be easily accessed from your library):

Elkington, J. (2018). 25 Years Ago I Coined the Phrase “Triple Bottom Line.” Here’s Why It’s Time to Rethink It. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–5.

The author explains the concept of Triple Bottom line, and mentions that a few organizations like Novo Nordisk, have adopted this approach very well. It is also mentioned that B-corps are also configured around TBL.

For this discussion: Identify a B-corp of your choice. Briefly explain about the company and its offerings (products and services). Discuss how the company ensures that Triple Bottom Line is well integrated in the company’s DNA. Provide specific examples of what the company has done to ensure this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must check that the company chosen should not be one of the companies that your friends have already written about. Your work will not be marked/ graded if someone else has already written about the company.

Other instructions: Word Limit – Upto 500 words. Provide the link for the company website. May also like to add video links about the company’s activities. No APA citation needed.

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