University of Canada West HR Management in Global Context Research Paper

  • Individual Project: Global cultural differences in HR policies

In week 2 your instructor will be performing analysis of international HR policy differences. Using the same pattern you are required to outline HR policies practiced in Latin America and African region broadly. You are required to create a table for your analysis

Assessment Criteria

  • For this information to be robust you have to use at least 5 references – Google, Wikipedia will not be considered as authentic sources you will be marked down for using them.
  • Although you are required to submit your project in table form, however, if you have any specific policy that you would like to explain please include a note at the end of table or a bullet point
  • You will be marked on thoroughness of your analysis and how well informed your analysis is. For Instance if you copy all the elements of instructor’s analysis there is less chance of newness in it – you can look at added elements such as union arrangements, pay structures etc.,


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