University of Texas at Arlington In Favor or Opposition to Policy Brief Essay

This is the assignment for this week

Identify an existing policy issue paper (policy brief) on one

of the major organizations websites (like AANP, TNA, WHO, etc.) that

deals with a healthcare policy issue and ideally–one that affects

APRNs. Read and familiarize yourself well with their policy briefs and

choose 1 you have a passion about.

In a 1 page assignment—

1) Summarize the policy paper/brief you chose and provide the link where you found it. (30 Points)

Then, Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) describe how you might go about
influencing stakeholders (congress, your legislator, a board panel) in
favor or opposition to this policy brief. (35 Points)

3) Lastly, why is this important to you ( this area may be written in 1st person). (25 Points)

For this assignment you do not need to submit more than 1 page paper–but adhere to an APA 6th edition format and citations correctly. Not older than 5 years

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