US History Exam

Identification/Significance-Select six of the following terms to discuss as part of your exam. Remember, it is important to identify the term as well as discuss its significance to the overall arc of United States history. Remember, it is important to be thorough and illustrate your full understanding of each of the items you choose. English Reformation The Spanish Armada Jamestown Puritans Quakers Bacons Rebellion Glorious Revolution English Declaration of Rights Triangular Trade Proclamation of 1763 Stamp Act Intolerable Acts Essay- Select one of the following prompts and write an essay as part of your exam. Remember, it is important to be thorough in your work and really illustrate what you have learned, know, and understand about the topic. Discuss the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening as intellectual preludes to the American Revolution. Which of these movements do you believe contributed most to America’s move towards independence? Why? How did tobacco agriculture transform the Chesapeake societies? Address economic, political, and social factors. How did the religious ideals of New England society shape its early history? How were these ideals challenged by some members from within this society? How did the experience of slavery differ between the upper South, the lower South, and northern colonies? Based on the colonial policies of Britain before the American Revolution, describe the views of Parliament and King George III on their relationship with the colonies and why those views were problematic to the colonists.


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