victimology ch 12

Answer the following questions using the files attached. These should be well developed. Give me examples, discussion and details. Two good paragraphs each. Respond to each part of the question! Stay on topic. You do not need to write out each question in the paper. Just number each question. Make sure you are only using the files attached. Absolutely NO outside resources. All the information is in the textbook attached. 

  1. Given that exposure to motivated offenders is a direct cause of victimization of disabled persons and those with mental disorders, do you think that offenders are initially motivated or that they become motivated once they recognize how vulnerable these special populations are? What would Cohen and Felson say?
  2. What special services do victims with mental illness and victims with disabilities need from criminal justice professionals and agencies? Do we currently have enough resources in place to address their special needs? What about other social service agencies that help crime victims?
  3. Think about the Farmer v. Brennan (1994) case. Do you feel special prison conditions should be available for members of the LGBTQ community who are more likely to be victimized in male or female prisons?
  4. As the laws for people in the United States change, do our prison communities also need to evolve so we are providing humane living conditions as defined in our U.S. Constitution?


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