Walden University Health Information Technology Discussion

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Health information technology made it necessary to have a nursing specialty that focuses on the optimization of technology in the provision of health services. Notably, the role of nurse informaticists in health organizations continues to grow in importance. In fact, scholars and professional nursing bodies, committees as well as organizations continue to recommend that information technology or informatics organizations. This is because this will allow them to be better placed as advocates for adherence to health information technology as well as nursing standards while using electronic health records (Lavin, Harper & Barr, 2015).

That said, it is important to note that while nurse informaticists and data or technology specialists work in such capacity within health organization, their interaction with other specialists is inevitable especially because other health providers have no choice but to use health information technology in providing health services within their individual professional capacities. Thus, there are many ways in which such interactions may occur. One way which is always very common is when there is need to develop and implement a new technological system within the organization. Such systems have to be used by nurses who are not data specialists or nurse informaticists. As such, they are always required to actively take part in the development and implementation processes. In fact, it is recommended that nurses have to be involved early in the planning phase through the designing phase and also during the implementation and maintenance phases of the system development life cycle (Weckman & Janzen, 2009). The rational behind this recommendation is that the nurses understand the needs of the organization, their technological needs as end users and the needs of the patients who will also benefit from the technological systems. Therefore, their early involvement in the system development has to be procured so that they can provide insight regarding the needs and the use of the system. They shall be active participants in the designing of the system in order to ensure that it meets the intended needs. Interacting with the informaticists and data specialists during the entire process shall be through the provision of feedback and ideas such as how the interface of the system allows them to improve their workflow or lack thereof. Interaction between the nurses and the specialists in technology and data may also be in the form of training when new systems are implemented. The data and technology specialists will train other nurses how to maneuver through the system effectively and without wasting time that they could otherwise use attending to patients

Since it is clear that such interactions are very important, there is need to find ways to improve them and make them sustainable and beneficial to all parties. First, there is need to promote a culture of open communication or an open culture in the organization. This will ensure that all members interact freely and communicate openly while providing feedback regarding issues that exist. With such a culture, it shall be easy for different nurses from all specialists to interact with the technologists and informaticists without feeling judge, stupid or out of place. There is also need to actively involve the nurses in all the decisions including the setting up of new systems. This shared governance and shared decision making is always associated with improved nurse engagement and better performance (Kutney-Lee et al., 2016). This way, the nurses shall be active in engaging with the informaticists and data and technology specialists. In the end, technology and informatics can be capitalized and used for the benefit of nurses and patients alike.

Finally, as informatics a health information technology continues to advance, interaction between nurses in different specialties shall improve and focus on interprofessional and interdisciplinary care shall also improve significantly. There shall be improvement in nurse engagement, job satisfaction and patient outcomes and experience.


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