Walden University Politics and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Response

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The Affordable Care Act was implemented by Barack Obama during his presidency and has brought health insurance to 20 million more Americans, as well as improved coverage by requiring plans to have certain fundamental healthcare services (Borden & Nallamothu, 2017). Since its inception in 2010, this piece of legislation has caused much debate amongst legislators and many repeal efforts have been made.

The article Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Tool for Good Governance in Financial Regulation discusses cost-benefit analysis, and states, “Cost-benefit analysis requires an agency to attempt to quantify its reasoning process-revealing which aspects of a problem the agency has taken into account. It allows the public and elected officials to understand and challenge the agency’s calculations or even its choices about which factors count in the decision making process” (Rose & Walker, 2013). The cost-benefit analysis for a legislator is not the same as the cost-benefits of society. A legislator’s primary goal is to be reelected, therefore their interests are often other than the benefit to society. The decisions by legislative officials are often swayed by their political party’s agenda rather than what is best for society. For a legislator, the cost-benefit would include weighing the gained political party support as a result of their decisions versus the lost political support. In regard to the ACA, legislators may ignore the cost-benefit to society, which would support maintaining the ACA, and choose the support a repeal because it better fits the political party agenda that will support their reelection.

An analysis of voter’s views may also affect decisions by legislative leaders in recommending national policies. Medicare and Medicaid are government programs designed to help improve welfare and health, as well as protect the citizens. As the citizens and voter’s views are taken into account, legislators can make decisions to satisfy their needs and align with those views, which affects national policy. The voter’s views are the majority and have more power and influence. The textbook Health Policy and Politics: A Nurse’s Guide states, Politics is at heart a people process and, like other people-centered endeavors, the relationship among and betwn people determine outcomes” (Milstead & Short, 2019).


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