Walden University Role of Supervision Vignette in Companies Discussion

Supervision Vignette One:

You are supervising a practicum student who had some previous counseling training and experience. You are finding that they are having difficulty reflecting upon what you are saying as they seem to have their mind made up about what they are going to do with the client. They say things such as “as I am the one in the room with the client, I have the best view of what their needs are”; and “I am not going to be tied down with any one theoretical approach. I am eclectic and do whatever is in the best interest of my clients”. How would you consider approaching their learning and manage your increasing irritation with what you see as resistance to learning?

Supervision Vignette Two:

You are supervising a practicum student who very nervously comes into your office and says that they are too embarrassed to discuss what happened in a session. After helping to calm them down, they tell you that their client told them that they have been having sexual fantasies about them. They said that they are extremely guilty about this and that they must have done something wrong to cause this, especially as they are both males. How would you consider assisting this trainee with both his anxiety; help him to learn from this experience; and for him to consider what is in the client’s best interest?

Consultation Vignette One:

You are consulted by a psychologist colleague who wants to discuss a problem that she is having with her supervisee. She tells you that, while her trainee is progressing with their learning, that they periodically say and so things that make her “uncomfortable”. When you ask for examples, she tells you that they will periodically bring her coffee or chocolates, sometimes a book as a gift. With hesitation, she shared that they would comment on how attractive she looks in particular clothing and that they imagine that she has had several clients develop feelings for her. She stated that she has been hesitant to say anything in order not to embarrass the trainee. How would you consider being helpful to your colleague as a supervisor?

Consultation Vignette Two:

You are consulted by a trainee who has had you for several classes in their academic program. They are seeking your advice as they feel that their internship supervisor is not providing what they need to progress with their skills development. You learn that periodically the supervisor cancels supervision because they are “too busy seeing clients”; and that when they do meet the trainee often is told that they are progressing well without their being specific feedback. The trainee is afraid to confront the supervisor for fear of receiving a “bad evaluation”. How would you consider being helpful to this trainee regarding their relationship with their supervisor?


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