WEBD 122 AMU The 10 90 Rule in Regards to Web Analytics Presentation

For this assignment you are going to create a PowerPoint Presentation describing the 10/90 Rule; explain how it is used and why it has sound foundations in actual implementations. Be sure to include the following in your PowerPoint: Note: this assignment requires an audio component see below.

  • Required 5 to 7 slides in length (does not include the cover and references slides).
  • Choose an executive or business theme for the presentation.
  • You must use any or a combination of the following: images, photos, clipart, in your presentation to convey a point you are trying to make.
  • You must include audio to each slide to serve as your speaker notes. Explain each slide as if you were presenting to upper management in a presentation. (Note: Your presentation is more of a summary, while your audio presentation would be a detailed explanation of the slide. The purpose of a slide show is to provide the lecturer or presenter with a guide to their spoken presentation.) Include an audio component to each slide. Explain each slide as if you were presenting to upper management in a presentation in your own voice. (Note: The audio recording should not be a word-for-word spoken work of the written presentation. Presentations serve as a guide for the presenter.)
  • Use APA references and citation to support your content and points.
  • Include a references slide at the end of the presentation.

Presentation tip: Remember, your presentation is to try and describe what the 10/90 Rule is all about, why it is important for an organization to use this rule, what are the benefits and advantages of this rule.


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