Week 7 Discussion

watch the videos first and read the files attched below:



Week 7 Discussion

Frantz Fanon describes decolonization as, "the meeting of two forces, opposed to each other by their very nature, which in fact owe their originality to that sort of substantiation which results from and is nourished by the situation in the colonies." Using Fanon’s conceptualization of decolonization, describe a decolonial movement in the world, current or historic. What makes it a decolonial movement? Who is involved? 

Grading Criteria 

To get the maximum points for this assignment, answer the discussion question fully and engage substantially with at least 1 other student’s response. In your response, you should apply concepts and ideas from lecture and readings, and make your argument using concrete examples and data when possible.

Your response should be at least 150 words, and you will need to reply other student’s response( at least 100 words). Your engagement with other students should be grounded in critical inquiry of structural themes- not a critique of the individual who posted the response.


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