Week 7: Reflection

or your week 7 reflection, we are going think about infant emotional development by analyzing another scholarly article. Last week, we analyzed a quantitative research article. The article for week 7 presents observations about a toddler’s culture and interactions in community via storytelling.


Download the handout Michael and Mali: Lungs Like Branches Reflection



Open the reading Michael and Mali: Lungs Like Branches



Use the reading Michael and Mali: Lungs Like Branches to answer the questions on the Michael and Mali: Lungs Like Branches Reflection


Your response should:

  • Answer each question in full sentences. (Generally, responses are about 2 pages long, double spaced. Please try not to go over 3 pages total. You can answer directly on the handout.)
  • Use quotes from the reading (in quotation marks) as evidence to support your thinking.
  • Describe ideas/unpack the quotes in your own words. (Do not simply copy and paste from the article.)


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