What does it mean to “observe nature”?

For each reading (Galileo and Buffon):
1. Galileo: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/46036/46036-h/46036-h.htm
Identify and copy one passage (1 sentence or 1 full paragraph) where you think the author describes an observation of the natural world.  (The natural world includes the Moon, heavens, climate, peoples, plants and animals.)
Describe in a minimum of 2 sentences why your chosen passage is an act of observation.
In one sentence, explain the conclusion your author reaches on the basis of the observation.
Finally, in a minimum of 2-4 sentences, compare the way Galileo and Buffon rely on observations of the natural world to reach conclusions.  Do they use nature to justify their arguments in the same way?  Do you think both Galileo and Buffon are relying on scientific evidence and methods?  Why or why not?
Your response should be three paragraphs minimum (one each on Galileos and Buffons acts of observation, and a final third paragraph comparing the two).


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