why is childhood important

if your just gonna plagiarize please dont bid everything you need to know is in the documents  attached

 has to have these 3 quotations in it 

questions1- what happens if the foundation for lifelong learning  doesn’t happen 

 Quotation2- what a child’s behavior is once they get older 

Question3- and how does it all affect the child’s health mentally and  physically 

 Your research paper should be 10 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and references page. 

● Use MLA formatting  

● Font size 12 

● Acceptable Font types: Times New Roman or Calibri  

● Paper is double spaced  

● You need to use at least 10 original sources as references, with proper MLA citation  ● Use normal margins (1 inch from each side), keep title centered, and include header and page numbers on all pages.  iv added  the essay outline a video of one of the meetings explaining the project  as well as the rubric and rest of the instructions   


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