World Congress 30

This webstie have information about Presenter’s name, affiliation and title of session:
Note: Very important, plz follow the pic "333" formating. and make sure have footnote for secondary resources. 1 page MAX for each presentations.
The presentation  Link is below:
1. Ridhdhi Dave & Doren Singh, Investment Associates,  Front Row Ventures

What investors look for in Startups

2. Matt McCoy, Senior Advisor & Co-Founder, LocalStudent& Student Helpers

Attracting and pitching to investors

3.Yuri Kaplan, Founder & CEO, AdMass

Growth frameworks and strategies

Each  student  is  required  to  prepare  a  concise  summary  and  evaluation  of  three  (3)  presentations.  
Each review is limited to one page in length and must contain the following three paragraph headings: 
1)  Summary  –  a  concise  overview  of  the  main  content  highlighting  the  presenter(s)  and  the 
presentation itself; 
2) Evaluation – a critique of the session (you may wish to comment on the content, 
implications, methodology, model, measures, conclusions, presentation style, etc.; and 
3) Application – a personal opinion of the usefulness of this presentation as it would apply in business 
and/or  government  with  a  second  opinion  drawn  from  another  published  article  or  website  (full 
citation is necessary for secondary research reference as a footnote). 
➢ The total report is limited to 3 pages of text (1 page per presentation) 
➢ Your full name, student #, section #, must be at the top right corner of each page 
➢ Presenter’s name, affiliation and title of session must be at the top left corner of each page 
➢ 8.5 X 11-inch paper, 1-inch margins, 12-point font, single spaced, 3 headings are necessary 
➢ Submission is done through Avenue and assignments will be validated through 
➢ Submission must be converted and uploaded in PDF format 
➢ Assignments that are handed in late will receive a grade of zero 


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