Writing Compliance Policies

1. Medical staff members are not aware that the applicationof an initial cast for a broken limb should be included in the cost of thevisit. Instead, they are charging extra for the application of this initialcast


2. Employees are not knowledgeable about the use of fireextinguishers.


Module 03 Content


Are you ready to present the policies for your twocompliance plans in a way that all employees will understand at a large medicalfacility where you are the Compliance Officer?


In 4-page paper describe the policies for each of the twocompliance plans.

Break each policy section into 2 pages each.

Remember to support your policies for the two plans with atotal of three research sources, cited at the end in APA format. (That’s 1-2research sources per plan).

Then, summarize your plan in a 5-8 slide PowerPointpresentation.

Polices you should consider covering for each plan comeunder the key compliance elements:

Compliance Standards

High-Level (personal) Responsibility



Monitoring/Auditing (for Safety)





Look these over in your research, and then select just twoof these key elements and write your policies under them for each of your twocompliance plans. (Your policies for each plan can zero in on different keyelements.)






A compliance plan about washing hands between patients mightdescribe policies for High Level (personal) Responsibility andMonitoring/Auditing (for Safety)

A compliance plan about charging patients for DiabetesManagement Education as a Physician Visit might describe policies forCompliance Standards and Enforcement/Discipline.



Submit your paper and presentation by following thedirections linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific duedates.


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