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Read and reflect on the Introduction and Chapter 1 from Gender and International Relations by Jill Steans. You should also read the assigned pieces from Cynthia Weber, Cynthia Enloe, and Jacqui True. (The latter pieces can be found under "Files" -> "Class Readings" folder.)

After reading (and perhaps re-reading) the aforementioned chapters and articles, choose ONE bullet point below and craft a response. If you need to stare at a blank screen for a minute or two and collect your thoughts, please do so. Then write.

  • In Chapter 1 of Gender and International Relations, Jill Steans discusses gender differences, roles, essentialism, and—perhaps most importantly—gender as a category of analysis AND as a variable. Steans explains how gender as both a category of analysis and a variable can be aptly included in the discipline of international relations. For your response, I want you to describe the difference between using gender as a category of analysis versus using gender as a variable. How does each phenomenon manifest within IR? What is a real-life example of the difference(s) between gender as a variable and gender as a category of analysis? Explain.
  • Similar to Jill Steans, Cynthia Weber discusses gender as a variable in Chapter 5, entitled “Gender,” from her text International Relations Theory: A Critical Introduction. What are the differences between how Weber discusses gender as a variable versus how Steans frames her discussion on gender in Chapter 1 of Gender and International Relations? Where do these two scholars overlap in their conceptualizations of gender and its space (or “place”) within IR? Explain.
  • In her chapter entitled “Feminism,” Cynthia Enloe makes a distinction between a feminist analysis and a gender analysis. What is a feminist analysis and why is it different from a gender analysis? Why should international relations scholars endeavor to NOT use these terms interchangeably? Finally, provide a real-life example of a feminist analysis (or approach) in IR.

Your discussion board post should be 500-700 words (if you are using Word: around 2-3 pages double spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font with standard 1” margins). Your mandatory response to ONE (1) other student should be around 250-300 words. Do not integrate your response into your main discussion board post; instead, hit "reply" on another student’s post. (An important note: Other posts will only show up after you’ve posted your response to the prompt. If you don’t see any other posts immediately after posting your response to the prompt, hit refresh or wait for others to post.)

You will be doing BOTH the discussion and response. Once I have the discussion I will send a student’s post for the reply.


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